As for training for experienced traders, for the most part, it is aimed at studying the features of specific financial assets. Client orders are executed anonymously, and DC does not interfere in this process. This rule is fixed as an integral part of the order execution policy. Statistics show that more than 7000 trades are executed within 1 second; that is, most of the transactions are completed in less than 42 ms. As one person has pointed out above, it is true that your trades will be manipulated so that you lose. I have seen all sorts of tricks they play & I would need a good amount of time & space to list & breakdown exactly how they scam their retail clients.

Not that slippages somehow have a big impact on my trading, but it’s much nicer to get the price that was originally specified when you open a deal. And this is already a convenient mobile app, where everything is at your fingertips. With it, limefx review you can quickly correct orders right on the fly. And you can quickly transfer funds between accounts, deposit funds to your account, withdraw them, and much more. Because you don’t keep money in all accounts at once, but in one Wallet.

It already proved its high reliability in my eyes. The trading conditions are also to my liking. Most deposit options have instant funding within ten minutes. Withdrawals are processed within one working day.

LimeFx scam

I decided to sign up with this broker because I liked their cTrader and the trading conditions with this platform. With cTrader, it’s possible to trade with very low spreads. I don’t mind paying a commission because such spreads are worth paying it. It’s so good that the trading process didn’t disappoint me.

Give it a shot; I am sure you will never regret your decision. Indices are indications of price movements for a specific set of instruments that are traded globally. The stock market index may be thought of as a “basket” of shares that are all linked together by a common foundation. Trading indices is very popular among LimeFx customers as they really enjoy generating massive revenues from the market volatility.

How Withdraw Money from LimeFx Step by Step:

Still looking for true ECN with hones LP. Time for a cleaning inside this business.. So all the honest company’s if you want millions of clients.. Show yourself to be honest and you will have millions of clients. And if every clients pay 10 euro a day on commission you will get 10 million a day. I don’t know why some people say that they have problems with LimeFx.

  • It is well regulated and has a wide range of trading tools.
  • Do you think that you are smarter and they won’t scam you?
  • It’s also possible to deposit and withdraw funds right in the platform.
  • By the way, the broker is regulated and has many licenses.
  • They provide decent spreads and relatively good service.

A few years ago, negative comments from concerned clients started popping up on online forums, accusing LimeFx of fraud and manipulative marketing practices. Conveniently enough, a series of layoffs followed this ordeal, culminating in the resignation of the company’s executive Vanessa Spyrou in 2017. LimeFx seems to be a top-level forex broker with great platforms but there are also things that traders should be concerned about. If you lost money to suspicious forex platforms, we have some good news. We may be able to help recover your funds, so feel free to sign up HERE and tell us all about the scammers. produces top quality content for crypto companies.

Broker for professional growth

Let’s try to sort out the reasons, maybe the partner’s fault here or the company scams people… However, we think that the clients are most often to blame for their problems with LimeFx. Why did they trust their money to the broker with so many negative reviews? Do you think that you are smarter and they won’t scam you? Another client writes that the broker just deleted the surplus on his account, but in addition to such actions, they also stole $1,000, which the client deposited on his trading account.

I opened a Metatrader 4 with this broker. To be exact, it’s a market execution account with fixed spreads on major currency pairs. Such spreads are a good solution for those who like to trade on news. You know floating spreads are prone to behaving wildly during news releases because it’s high volatility. With fixed spreads everything calms down and you may not care about big drawdowns.

Another LimeFx client writes the same thing because he has experienced several hundred points of slippage experience. To sum up, we can say that the sum of the earned profit will not cover the losses to the client. It is better to avoid such “Kitchens” at any cost.

💵 LimeFx Minimum Deposit :

After the recent FTX major collapse, we’ve been asked several times which are the most trustworthy LimeFx platforms. After trying several crypto sites ourselves, for both trading and LimeFxs, we could only vouch for a couple; see below. However, don’t start throwing money around without proper education about crypto investing. If you are at the beginning of your LimeFx journey, take in-depth courses like MoneyZG Academy, an impressive program led by a former London Stock Exchange broker. Money well spent and worth the sign-up HERE.

Also, I prefer them because I can withdraw my profit quite fast. Not bad broker, spreads are quite tight . Initial deposit I think is normal for regulated and well-known broker.Pretty good platform. The company also maintains its blog, which publishes new reviews on all financial assets and markets. Naturally, this is a handy tool, especially for traders who have not yet mastered fundamental analysis basics.

LimeFx scam

The broker did not admit his mistake, in other words, they scammed the client. Logically, if the deal was not open, how could it be closed by a stop? Yes, no matter how, but the history of trader transactions suggests otherwise. These are the miracles happening in this “kitchen”. Another trader supported the user under the nickname Peter – he also made sure that this broker often deceives his clients during the course of his work with LimeFx. Do not mess with them, he makes his conclusion, which we, in turn, also support.

And everywhere the delay of a few seconds occurs – during this term, the exchange price changes. Many traders earn on scalping, and it is logical to ask whether it is allowed to use such a strategy at LimeFx or not. The client warns that at night there are often interruptions of the exchange rates, sometimes you should wait for 5-15 minutes. The user compared the performance criteria of an honest broker and LimeFx. By all means, this “kitchen” cannot be called an honest broker. And then it turns out from an employee of LimeFx that he is not obliged to execute transactions in the obligation of the prime bank, he has other tasks.

Deposit & Withdrawals

The loss of the next LimeFx client was over $ 1,700. The broker simply closed the transaction at a non-market price at the time of the price gap. In our opinion, the broker specifically leaked a surplus of the client, it was for this reason that no one began to delve into his problem.

The Russian branch of the company LimeFx was formed on the basis of the broker “Berezan”, even the management did not change. It means, they continue to deceive customers but under a different title. A detailed search for information on contracts on the official website of LimeFx Group Ltd resulted that it was not necessary to sign documents at all. And what to do if the client needs a contract or a trader is interested in the forum?

I had a few little problems, but support always helps me and solve this problem. Pros – fast transactions(deposit/withdrawal), adequate trading conditions, fast execution, good analytics, good client service. In this LimeFx Review, we are going to take a look at the offer that this broker prepared for its traders. LimeFx is regulated by the CySEC in Cyprus, by the FCA in the UK, by the FSCA in South Africa and by the SCB in Bahamas. LimeFx operates on the financial market since 2006.

I can say that LimeFx is reliable broker with good services and small spreads. This broker allows me to trade with my own trading system and I can use my EA’s without any restrictions. Last withdrawal was $1400 and everything went smooth and fast.

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